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Rice University's Connexions
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A Second Proposal
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CC-enhanced Search Engine
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Announcing the Commonwealth
Some Clarifications About the Commonwealth List
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CC & OER 2010
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Ongoing discussions: NonCommercial and NoDerivatives
CC Licensing for WordPress: Now with AJAX
A chat with Stephen Downes on OER
ccLearn Monthly Update - 21 May 2008
Google Advanced Search Enables CC-Customized Searching
Canadian Public Domain Registry Announced
Analysis of 100M CC-Licensed Images On Flickr
Launch of the Why Open Education Matters Video Competition
Free To Learn
Yahoo Brings CC Filters to Image Search
Jamendo reaches 20,000 albums
Wikipedia Community Votes 75% in Favor of CC BY-SA
I Wouldn't Steal
Back to School: Peer 2 Peer University and the Future of Education (an interview)
Defining Noncommercial report published
Planning for sustainable and strategic impact: Creative Commons and open education
Contribute to our open database of educational projects
Creative Commons licenses on Flickr: many more images, slightly more freedom
WikiEducator's Wayne Mackintosh: Open Education and Policy
Improving Access to the Public Domain: the Public Domain Mark
Jeff Mao and Bob McIntire from the Maine Department of Education: Open Education and Policy
Paul Stacey from BCcampus: Open Education and Policy
License or public domain for public sector information?
Sir John Daniel of the Commonwealth of Learning: Open Education and Policy
Open Course Library Launches 1st 42 Courses
LRMI Specification version 0.5 released
Learning Resource Metadata Initiative
Day Against DRM 2012
World OER Congress Webcast
Help us build a School of Open
Winners Announced! – Why Open Education Matters Video Competition
Disclaimer of warranties and related issues
Next Steps: NonCommercial and NoDerivatives Discussion
OER state legislative guide
Active OER: Beyond open licensing policies
Open Innovation and the Creation of Commons
Announcing the new CC Search, now in Beta
Platforms: A commons-based approach to global collaboration
Our biggest report yet: State of the Commons 2016
Toward a Better Internet: Building Prosocial Behavior into the Commons
Making the Web More Human
Invitation to Join: CC Open Education Platform

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