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So I actually had to ask what Creative Commons meant by 'better sharing' a couple days ago (concerned, of course, that I might not be sharing well enough). Nate Angell kindly responded that it "comes from CC's 2021–2025 strategy: Sharing that is inclusive, equitable, reciprocal, and sustainable." In this document I read, "It depicts our vision for the world we want to see: a world where equitable sharing of knowledge and culture purposefully serves the public interest." This does ring a bell, though I can't say it gripped my imagination. Anyhow, in the present document, it's transformed into a statement on AI. "At CC we know generative AI, without proper guardrails, runs the risk of being exploitative and damaging the commons, yet it also has the potential to enhance it like never before." Ultimately, CC tries to follow a middle path: "WIPO should approach this with fairness and sustainability in mind — instead of promoting an expansion of copyright, it should ascertain its intrinsic balance and promote the commons on which all creativity depends."

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