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The LRMI was developed in the wake of an announcement from the major search engines that they would "publish a common format,, for marking-up web pages so that they may be efficiently and accurately indexed by their search engines." Hence "It is impossible to understand LRMI without first knowing something about" Basically the idea is that terms are placed inside HTML tags to indicate what type of data is contained, for example, 'author name'. LRMI is piggybacking on the initiative to define educational properties. "LRMI created a discussion forum for interested parties, and set up a high level advisory group and a technical working group comprising representatives from educational publishers, service providers, educators and other specification bodies." Nine tags were proposed, though at least two of them ('useRightsURL' and 'isBasedOnURL') are not really educational tags - it's like they just can't resist overstepping their domain. The rest will be familiar from IEEE-LOM, except 'educationalAlignment', which denotes "a topic in a common shared curriculum, syllabus or such like" (which is actually a good idea).

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