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#ukedchat #fail: TES attempt takeover cover-up whilst Pearson muscle-in on grassroots Twitter teacher CPD
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A portal into a decentralised universe
Against mass consumption of ‘already certified’ credentials
Friends don’t let friends use Facebook
Why I’ve just ditched my cloud-based password manager
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Pearson, WTF? Badges, patents, and the world’s ‘least popular’ education company
Introverts, collaboration, and creativity
Some (more) thoughts on private education
Fediverse field trip
Voodoo categorisation and dynamic ontologies in the world of OER
MoodleNet non-technical overview (June 2019)
Ensuring the sustainability of Thought Shrapnel
Do not impose one's own standard on the work of others
MoodleNet Federation Testing Programme
Planning for the MoodleNet public beta
MoodleNet and ‘free speech’
Sacha Baron Cohen's ADL speech
Truth, Lies, and Digital Fluency
(Re-)decentralize the web with MoodleNet!
Email is the original robust, decentralised technology
Domains, decentralisation, and DNS
How To: Create an Architecture of Participation for your Open Source project
The auto-suggested life is not worth living
3 advantages of consent-based decision making
Notification literacy?
Free Software and two forms of liberty
The (monetary) value of a university education during a pandemic
Getting started with Digital Badges
On the temptation to nuke everything and start over
Blogging from localhost to IPFS
Productive ambiguity and learning resource discovery
If web3 is the financialisation of the web, then ed3 is merely the (further) financialisation of education
Decentralising the description of skills with OSMT
Open Badges
The more powerful the class, the more it claims not to exist
Some thoughts on ‘home’ pages for individuals within communities (and social networks)
Bonfire’s latest trick shows Google+ circles came a decade early
Sticks and stones (and disinformation)
Mastodon Special Issue: On the importance of Fediverse server rules
So, er, what even is a co-op?
On the paucity of 'aising awareness'
Using AI to aid with banning books is another level of dystopia
Using Open Recognition to Map Real-World Skills and Attributes
TB872: first reflections, heuristics, and systems literacy
TB872: Systems, situations, and systemic praxis
TB872: Places to intervene in a system
TB872: Wenger-Trayner and communities of practice
TB872: Overview of different traditions in social learning systems
Exporting blog posts to JSON for easier use with LLMs such as ChatGPT
Painting over problems with AI in the third sector

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