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eXe Blog
Badges: talking at cross purposes?
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Records Indicate Government Misusing Crown Copyright
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Homework, the Tip of the Iceberg
I Have Met the Enemy and It Is Tribalism
LMS Pricing Trends (Installed Implementations)
Could Do Better: A Checklist for Participatory Communication for Development.
AIMS Fails Learning 101
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Not Another Account
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Web 2.0 Slam - Performing Innovative Practice
Big Day for Fair Copyright
The graders are in Bangalore
Fearing Legalized P2P Downloading, CRIA Declares War On Private Copying Levy
One Laptop Per Child - Where in the World Is That Cool Green and White Laptop?
The Wisdom of Crowds
The End of Content-Centric Business Models
In a Vibrant Garden, Many Flowers Bloom: More Observations On Personal Learning Environments (PLE)
Learning Signal
OECD On Learning Networks
McLuhan On The Future of Education: The Class of 1989
Spiders and Starfish
Twitter DoS and single points of failure
Copyright Delay Demonstrates the Power of Facebook
Concordia Blocking Access to Facebook
OpenID Is Not a Provisioning Engine
Why Use Technology in the English Classroom?
Top 10 Reasons Why People BLOG and Don't
I'd Love to Kiss You, but I Just Washed My Hair...
George Siemens at eLA
Snowflake Effect for Learning
Broadcaster Plan Involves More Than Just Fee-For-Carriage
Cloud Computing Is the Way Forward Rather Than the Grid
Design Bash: Moving Towards Learning Design Interoperability
From Command & Control to Collaboration
Smoke and Mirrors, or Good Intentions?
How the Internet On Cable Became the Internet As Cable
Yahoo!, Flickr, OpenID and Identity Projection
Vid Snacks: A Place to Learn Video
Why Does This Stuff Succeed?
The Problem of Talking About the New Web: You Have to Do It, Too
Time to Write Our Own Rules
Summary of RAatE 2007 Conference
A Pictoral Commons
Open Educational Resources Declaration and Info
Access Copyright Claims Copyright Reforms May Be On Hold Indefinitely
Vale Marie
Dear Middle School...
The Canadian DMCA: A Betrayal
Friends: Social Networking Sites for Engaged Library Services
The Canadian DMCA: A Summary To-Date
Schools Should Be Small!
If Books Liberated Us From Kings, Can Sims Liberate Us From CEOs?
Is Prentice's Copyright Bill Born in the U.S.A.?
Picnik: My New Favorite Online Photo Editor
Finely Tuned Antennae
U.S. Copyright Lobby Complains About Canadian Copyright
Emerging Criteria for Community Success
Jury Supports Blackboard Patent
Community-Building - Why Bottom-Up Alone Doesn'T Work
Learning 2.0: The Power of Learning in a Networked World
Requirements of a PLE Framework
What You Can Ask of a Researcher in an Email
Introducing Omeka
Web 2.0 Is the Future of Education
PROLEARN Final Review
How to Build an RSS and Blog News Site for Your Project
If a Columnist Calls a Tail a Leg...
Crystal Ball Gazing at the Coming Year in Tech Law
The Cool Kids Are Edublogging
Google Gives Up On Supporting OAI-PMH for Sitemaps
Global Language Learning Exchange
Maybe We All Own the MLE After All
My Office 2.0 Setup
Costs of Open Source and Proprietary LCMS/LMS
On Campus Blogging at the University of Calgary
One Week of Twittersilence
Rethinking Critical Thinking
Student Voice As a Good Thing
Google Bring Scholar Richness Into Normal Search Results
REST Questions
Anti-RDBMS: A List of Distributed Key-Value Stores
OpenID and Name Authority
New Title, Same Report
Readers Build Vivid Mental Simulations Of Narrative Situations
Teach Paperless
The Cost of Culture.Ca
Deadline Nears to Speak Out On Net Neutrality
Laptops in Lectures
Net Neutrality: This Is Serious
Facebook Terms of Service Compared with MySpace, Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter
Introducing SpokenWord.Org
First Look at a (New) News Interface
Exclusive: Some Education Authorities Are Truly Incompetent
ChinesePod: The Official ChinesePod Blog
Seb's Open Research
Quebecor Opens Door to Canadian Three Strikes Policy
Flawed Assumptions Launches: My New Site on the Copyright Consultation
Tracking the Copyright Consultation Submissions - Brief Summaries (July 20, 21)
Myths, lies and ...
The Return of Captain Copyright? CIPO Launches Promoting Respect for IP Rights
Stanford's STEP Teacher Education Program, Social Justice and Dressing in Drag
Defining the Big Shift
European wiki on virtual campuses - globally
MERLOT's new Second Life campus
New Gladwell book: What the Dog Saw
Still Time To Speak Out: Government Grants 48 Hour Extension For Submissions
Heal for America?
On value and valuation
The Net Neutrality Walk of Shame
NBC + Blackboard makes me want to hurl
Using technology to improve the cost-effectiveness of the academy
Fast track to teaching
Canadian Universities Too Closed Minded on Open Access
School Choice, Civics Knowledge, and Fraud
My Presenter Picks
My first infographic competition
Apple's Mistake
What is that Groups and Networks argument all about?
Picasso's Guernica in 3D
On connectivism
UOC UNESCO Chair Conference Summaries
The Curmudgeon's Manifesto
Pattern Seeking Instead of Content Delivery
SOCAN's Secret Copyright Submission Posted Online
Kaplan on Education
Our Virtuous Internet
Low use of web 2.0 in e-learning
The history of new literacies
The Tyranny of the Explicit
Six priorities for Canadian e-learning in 2010
Vicarious Learning and Reciprocal Altruism
Co-operation: from soft skill to hard skill
On the relevance of education
Ideals or ideologies - open minds and mouths
Learning Styles Theory Versus Sustained Hard Work
The end of 'mass universities'
How to produce, publish and distribute a journal these days
Should I continue hosting blogs and wikis on campus?
Massive cuts to higher education in Britain
Life, on the Net, is too short
EU's IP Negotiating Strategy With Canada Leaks: Calls 2009 Copyright Consult a Tactic to Confuse
10 more universities join the African Virtual University
My (non) definition of "educational technology"
Something fishy going on with Kindle free bestseller ebooks?
Fed Up: School Lunch Project
Net Work Learning article
Regarding the iPad, I am Dr. Buzzkill
A personal view of e-learning at the University of British Columbia
NFB Unreels Online Smash Hits
The Dangers of Assumptive Teaching
Creative Commons in your Organization or Publication?
We Love xkcd
Designing the Future Without Us: A response to an essay by Trent Batson
A critique of Tapscott and William's views on university reform
Learning from Canada's schools
Using technology to help street kids in Kenya
Is programming "technical"?
Social snake oil
Mistakes I have made building web applications
Social media & workplace performance matrix
QOTD: a new Alexandria
The intentional marginalization of blogging in the corporate learning sector
Personal knowledge management & wisdom
An African perspective on the Tapscott and Williams article on University Reform
A partial review of ‘The Hyperlinked Society'
Write good papers: my slides
How useful is strategic planning for e-learning?
EU Demands Canada Completely Overhaul Its Intellectual Property Laws
Making tech communities welcoming
Direct messaging in a social web architecture
Elevator pitch for Moodle curriculum mapping
What do instructors need to know about teaching with technology?
Preliminary book review: An Introduction to Distance Education
Nonfiction Unit of Study
Nonfiction Unit of Study
So why do we need apps anyway?
New Ning Plans: The Good, The Bad, and the Unknown
PMO Issues The Order: Canadian DMCA Bill Within Six Weeks
Becoming a Network Learner Redux – Cultivating Attention and Other Network Literacies
Separating Fact from Fiction: My Fair Copyright Proposals
The Beatles Complete on Ukulele
Tabnabbing: A New Type of Phishing Attack
Very Important Study On Learning & The Brain
Canadian Students on the Fight for Fair Copyright
Will SIM cards replace Eduroam, Shibboleth, etc - another reason for a 5G R&E networks
The post-Becta, QCDA and GTCE future
Marketing and Social Media
The Copyright Lobby's Astroturf Campaign in Support of C-32 Taken Down
Open Educational Resources infoKit
Role Shift
On note taking
Free Google Guides for Teachers
The last ebook
Knowledge sharing, one at a time
Knowledge sharing, one at a time
Invisible People
Open educational resources in Chinese and English
From Teachers' Manifesto to Learners' Manifesto
From Sweden to NY: Self-paced school
The future of digital learning
Commercialization of IP In Canadian Universities: Barely Better Than Break Even
Reflections on 21st Century Education
Introduction to SCORM, Part I
Maslow's Hierarchy of Organizational Social Media Needs
Millions at Stake in Education Copyright Battle
World University Rankings: A reality based on a fraud
Principles of form and function
Nameless, Faceless Children (Blogs & Internet Safety)
Institutions and the Web done better
Part-time annual-leave – an experiment in WFH
The Org Chart is NOT The Org
From "Radical Extremism" to "Balanced Copyright": Canadian Copyright and the Digital Agenda
Why KCA need to change their name
Expletives Deleted: Swearing in Social Media
Disalienation: Why Gender is a Text Field on Diaspora
What comes after IPv6 and DNS??
A taxonomy for the suppression of dissent
Best social media mash-ups in higher education
Canadian Education Faces Technology Tipping Point
Consultation on the promotion and validation of non-formal and informal learning
How does the University of Phoenix measure up?
Three's A Trend: The Decline of Google Search Quality
How can e-Learning, or computer based training, be more effective?
Speak Out on Copyright: The Bill C-32 Edition
Innovating without permission
RSS Is Dying Being Ignored, and You Should Be Very Worried
Florian Schneider's (Extended) Footnotes On Education
Self host, pay host, free host - we lose
On the monetary value of an education, and bad statistics
How to Steal Like an Artist (and 9 Other Things Nobody Told Me)
How to build a web widget (using jQuery)
Twitter views & news 0
School Radio: Is it dated?
U.S. Government Funding For Open Education Materials a "Game Changer"
The answer to Network Neutrality, data caps and Usage Based Billing lies with Google, Amazon, Netflix, Apple
Governments should stop funding higher education
Rushkoff to Google: Don't Give Up on the Humans
Civil Society Groups Reject OECD Internet Policy Principles
Looking for Opportunities or Sponsorship
Ten things Computer Science tells us about bureaucrats
End of the Line for Flock
What a Difference Two Years Can Make: Canadian Broadcasters and Distributors on the Internet
PLE Presentation Canadian Institute for Distance Education Research
Get a Freelancer!
A summary of Chet Bowers, The false promises of constructivist theories of learning: a global and ecological critique
Why The Situation Is Likely to Get Worse for Access Copyright (But Not Necessarily for Authors)
Videos from the Digital Future of Higher Ed (Feb, 2011)
Social Crack
Project Reclaim: or, how I learned to start worrying and love my data
The Closing of
Spreading social capitalism
Collective Learning
Google+ Is Worse Than A Ghost Town, It’s Not Even Haunted
What I talk about when I talk about user outcomes - #6 - Open Educational Resources
Stolen from the best
Queen's, Calgary Latest To Drop Access Copyright Licence
On Education, Badges and Scouting
The Access Copyright Interim Tariff Opt-Out List
Why Isn't YouTube Canadian?: My Appearance Before the Industry Committee
A new magazine is born: THRIVE
Copyright Is Back: Why Canada is Keeping the Flawed Digital Lock Rules
Facebook is gaslighting the web. We can fix it.
OERU vs Pearsons vs OEU
The Sandbox Manifesto: Life, Learning and Success on the Social Web
Network thinking
Copyright and the Right
#ukedchat #fail: TES attempt takeover cover-up whilst Pearson muscle-in on grassroots Twitter teacher CPD
Are you a gold prospector, or a construction worker?
I’m an introvert. And that’s ok.
Why Software Defined Networks and WiFi 2.0 are critical to future of Internet
Open science: why is it so hard?
Digital Identity vs Digital Self
Journals, academia and the ivory tower
Managerialism and Its Discontents
What is the real obstacle to the integration of ICT in the classroom?
Help Preserve the Canadian Public Domain: Speak Out on the Trans Pacific Partnership Negotiations
Let’s make!
Web literacy? (v0.1)
The process of open educational practice, rather than the outcomes. Stuff badges!!
Edging toward the fully licensed world is ready to read and share
CRTC Stands By New Disclosure Requirement on Software Installs Over Objections From ESAC, RIM
Wake Up Call
Why Bill C-11's Digital Lock Rules May Hurt Copyright Enforcement
Access Copyright and AUCC Strike a Deal: What It Means for Innovation in Education
Elsevier: The beginning of the end?
Other People's Money: Why AUCC Signed the Most Expensive Copyright Insurance Policy in Cdn History
Peter Norvig: The 100,000-student classroom
Education: sometimes it’s not complex (a reply to Nick Dennis)
What I'm Obsessed About
How To Address Canadian Media Convergence if Bell - Astral is Approved
Leadership is an emergent property of a balanced network
The European Parliament Rejects ACTA: The Impossible Becomes Possible
Brian Brett Speaks Out: An Open Letter on Access Copyright and the Canadian Copyright Emergency
Five Things I've Learned
Balance the Spontaneous and Strategic of Social Media: Newsjacking and Obamacare
The Battle over C-11 Concludes: How Thousands of Canadians Changed The Copyright Debate
Massive online learning and the unbundling of undergraduate education
On audience and connections
How we will manage
ACCC Legal Counsel: Access Copyright Licence Provides "Little Value"
Dear @Google Chairman @EricSchmidt, You Are WRONG About Educators
Designing an Exemplary Online Course: Blackboard Announces Open Online Course to be Offered
Mozilla Web Literacies v0.7
The You Matter Manifesto
Economies of Not-so-Scale and Marginal Costs of Not-Quite-Zero
Why We Shouldn’t Talk MOOCs as Meritocracies
PKM and Innovation
Could a MOOCl Contribute to the Education of the World’s Poorest Children?
xMOOCs = OCW + Cohorts
Could Amazon Whispercast Make School Books Obsolete?
How TED Culture Destroyed the World, Literally
You could do this with MOOCs too
How Canadians Reclaimed the Public Interest on Digital Policy
Canadian Copyright Reform In Force: Expanded User Rights Now the Law
Who is accountable at Coursera?
Napster, Udacity, and the Academy
How will MOOCs impact executive education?
On-line education is using a flawed Creative Commons license
What Price MOOCs?
Who to host with (domain names, web space, SSL, DNS)
Openness is still the only superpower
Rebuilding the Web We Lost
Developing a Roku channel is fun!
Connections: Deconstruction & Connectivism
The Turn
Are CAPTCHAs a good idea?
The mixably Open Online Course (mOOC)
Could a MOOCI Contribute to the Education of the World’s Most Impoverished Children?

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