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OK, I wouldn't do this. The process being proposed, essentially, is to send your contacts a form where they comment on your skills and attributes, and then use an AI to standardize the responses into some sort of more formal taxonomy, against which you can be awarded badges or some such thing. I wouldn't get past the first step; I wouldn't want to ask my contacts what they think of me - this is just second-hand information, and probably not very accurate (I mean, I know how I filled out Doug Belshaw's request, and I have no idea how accurate it is). I would prefer my competences be assessed directly through inspection of my body of work online, and others' opinions assessed based on what they post online. This, first, creates a source of truth(*) about my skills and abilities, and second, allows for multiple taxonomies to be applied, so each potential employer (or whatever) can see my skills from the perspective of their own needs and interests. (* We could talk about what this means, exactly).

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