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Innovation in Educational Technology
Jan 24, 2018. Keynote, EIDOS64, Bayonne, France, Le département des Pyrénées atlantiques . What are the factors that motivate innovation in educational technology, and what is the outcome that results from those factors. In this talk Stephen Downes addresses the set of commonly understood ‘drivers’, ranging from factors ranging from demographic change to economic restraint to technology development. In addition, he also examines the ‘attractors’ for innovation, defining these as the factors that define what we want to accomplish through education, factors that range from personal self-improvement to workplace training to social and cultural development. From the perspective of these factors we can comprehend not only the recent history of educational technology, but also gain perspectives on the future as well. We can also comment on what we want, need and value in an education system, and thus frame the decisions that we will need to take in the short term in order to prepare for the long term. Download: Audio, Slides
Jan 01, 2018. , , , . Download: Audio, Slides Trends in the Future of Learning
Dec 15, 2017. Lecture, Learning Futures Workshop, Gatineau, Quebec, College@ESDC. Work in the future will require higher levels of analysis, access to experts, and greater autonomy. How can the College@ESDC equipped itself for what’s coming? What form(s) is learning, and especially operational training, likely to take in 10-15 years? Download: Audio, SlidesA Roadmap of the Future of Teaching and Learning
Dec 07, 2017. Lecture, Online Educa Berlin, Berlin, Germany, . This Spotlight Stage session is for policy makers and pundits, technology designers and developers, and those who by virtue of office or inclination have the voice to speak to the future, to inform the world of what we can do and what we want to do. Join Stephen Downes as he invites you to explore the quantum leaps we can expect in teaching in our digital age. Download: Audio, SlidesgRSShopper in a Box
Dec 06, 2017. Workshop, Online Educa Berlin, Berlin, Germany, . Overview of server virtualization, setup of Vagrant box for gRSShopper, an overview of the gRSShopper application, including its use in a Firefox panel. Download: Audio, SlidesApplications, Algorithms and Data: Open Educational Resources and the Next Generation of Virtual Learning
Nov 30, 2017. Keynote, Education Ouverte: Ressources Educatives Libres et Ingenierie de Formation, Hammamet, Tunisia, . The next generation of OERs will take a step beyond traditional media and classroom support and begin to take advantage of the unique properties of virtual learning. Using examples such as virtual containers and actionable data books, I sketch the future for the next generation of OERs as a distributed and interactive network of applications, algorithms and data. Video starts at 1:18:00. Download: Audio, SlidesOnline Learning and MOOCs: Visions and Pathways
Nov 07, 2017. Keynote, China International Distance Education Conference, Beijing, China, Distance Education in China. This talk delivered in Beijing, China, traces the history of online learning from learning objects and LMSs through to open educational resources and MOOCs, then describes some trends for the future. See also here and here for conference websites. English with Chinese translation (audio, video) provided by Li Chen.

Download: Audio, SlidesA Personal Learning Framework
Oct 18, 2017. Lecture, ICDE2017 World Conference on Online Learning, Toronto, Canada, Contact North. This presentation looks at the quantum mechanics of learning theory, drilling down from the idea of a subject or a piece of knowledge to the elements constituting a personal learning framework. Unfortunately the last 7 minutes of the video is clipped. The audio recording contains the full length of the talk.

World Confreence on Online Learning Download: Audio, Slides Change, Challenge and Opportunity

Oct 18, 2017. Lecture, ICDE2017 World Conference on Online Learning, Toronto, Ontario, . In this presentation I discuss six major trends impacting online learning: Machine learning and artificial intelligence; Handheld and Mobile Computing Badges and Blockchain; Internet of Things; Games, Sims and Virtual Reality; Translation and Collaborative Technology. Video includes audience and backchannel.

World Confreence on Online Learning Download: Audio, SlidesThe Semantic Condition
Oct 12, 2017. Lecture, YouTube Video Presentation, Ottawa, Ontario, . Despite what the first slide says, this was created and uploaded October 24, 2017. In this video I describe my 'Semantic Condition' diagram that I created ten years ago and I go through the process of creating a nice neat cleaned up version of the diagram. This diagram basically slides the four essential principles for the creation of meaning, truth and value in networks, specifically, autonomy, diversity, openness and interactivity. There's a lot left unsaid; I'm just describing the concept here, not defending it, and I am offering only surface-level views of the four principles, not a deep examination. But I hope people will find it useful, as it is a key part of my own framework for knowledge, learning and discovery. The diagram may be href="http://www.downes.ca/images/The_Semantic_Condition.JPG">downloaded here. Download: SlidesTopics in Connectivism
Aug 28, 2017. Seminar, Konferencja Pokazać – Przekazać, Warsaw, Poland, . This longish discussion covers four major topic areas: open networks, personal learning, the personal learning environment, and critical literacies. It was delivered in the dark in a planetarium. During the actual talk we skipped over the third topic.
Download: Audio, SlidesThe Living Library Session
Aug 25, 2017. Workshop, Konferencja Pokazać – Przekazać, Warsaw, Poland, . Very informal session in the 'Living Library' format (my first such) in which people dropped in and out to ask one or a few questions of me. Topics ranged all over the map. The photo (at right) was taken at the conference. Download: href="http://www.downes.ca/files/audio/2017 09 25 - The Living Library Session.mp3">Audio, Becoming Connected
Aug 25, 2017. Keynote, Konferencja Pokazać – Przekazać, Warsaw, Poland, Centrum Nauki Kopernik. Objective: To present the core ideas of connectivism in both a learning and scientific context, in a sense unifying the ideas of discovery, interaction and education.

Download: Audio, Slides Leading Into Our Futures
Jul 08, 2017. Workshop, CICan Leadership Institute for Presidents and Directors General, Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Colleges and Institutes Canada. In this presentation we engaged in a design exercise considering how we would develop the post-secondary education system from scratch if we were starting today. This discussion was set in a context of participant-selected stakeholders and benefits along with a background discussion of emerging technologies and trends. Presentation Slides in Google Docs

Download: Audio, Slides A Model of Personal Learning (Take Two)
Jun 20, 2017. Keynote, Learning Tech Day, Ghent, Belgium, . In his talk, I look at the daily routine of a personal learner, filled with examples and demonstrations. Tagline during the whole talk will be Connectivism, the importance of a Personal Learning Network and the ARRFF model of learning activities (Aggregate Remodel Repurpose Feed Forward) . To top this off, he’ll also offer insights on some newer technologies and his personal thoughts on the future of learning. Coverage.
Download: Audio, Slides A Model of Personal Learning
May 16, 2017. Keynote, 1er Simposium Internacional de Investigacion, Desarrolle e Innovacion en la Sociedad Digital, Mexico City, Mexico, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. I look at the day-to-day routine of a personal learner with examples from my own practice and a live demonstration of learning activities. Through the presentation I explain the philosophy of Connectivism, a learning approach based on developing and growing personal learning networks, and will describe the ARRFF (Aggregate Remodel Repurpose Feed Forward) model of learning activities. Finally, he offer insights regarding some key technologies on the horizon, such as server virtualization and augmented reality, and offer thoughts on the future of online learning. Download: Audio, Slides Open Learning, Open Networks
Mar 09, 2017. Keynote, SUNY Open COTE 2017, Syracuse, New York, .

Open online learning entered the mainstream with the growth and popularity of MOOCs, but while interest in open online courses has never been greater MOOCs represent only the first step in a broader open learning infrastructure. In this keynote Stephen Downes will describe several key innovations shaping the future of open learning: distributed social networks, cloud infrastructures and virtualization, immersive reality, and personal learning environments. The talk will outline the challenges this evolving model will pose to learning providers and educational institutions and recommend policies and processes to meet them. Link to hosted video.

Download: Audio, SlidesThe Future Trends Forum at the Campus Technology conference, 2016
Dec 09, 2016. Interview, Bryan Alexander, Boston, Massachusetts, Future Trends Forum. Download: href="http://www.downes.ca/files/audio/2016 08 02 - The Future Trends Forum at the Campus Technology conference.mp3">Audio, The Value and Price of Open Online Courses
Dec 02, 2016. Panel, OEB2016, Berlin, Germany, Online Educa Berlin.

If open online learning can be equivalent or even superior to face-to-face education, what does this mean for the value and the price of MOOCs for institutions, for learning communities, for learners and for the creation of new knowledge. Oanel notes are avauilable as an MS Word document href="2016 12 02 - OEBTheValueandPriceofOpenOnlineCourses.docx">here.

Download: Audio, Developing a Personal Learning Infrastructure
Nov 30, 2016. Workshop, OEB 2016, Berlin, Germany, Online Educa Berlin.

In this workshop we examine the various parts of a personal learning environment and moot the development of a PLE architecture.

Download: Audio, Slides
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