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The core argument in this paper (19 page PDF) is that students' perception of feedback from learning analytics has an impact on how they regulate their own learning (see the diagram), which means that (in theory, at least) if you can tailor the feedback to individuals you can have a greater impact on processes like goal-setting. As always (from my perspective) it's really hard to work from such vague terms and imprecise measurements such as, say, self-perception of motivation, to recommendations for specific individually tailored prompts. I mean, what do you make of this? "I think some of the ways it might have recommended might not have been part of the normal peoples' way of studying. ... personally I didn't do any of the [e-book] because that's not how I like to do it." Still - what we would do is exactly what the conclusion says we should do: talk the students through their dislike or particular tools and methods.

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