Stephen Downes works with the Digital Technologies Research Centre at the National Research Council of Canada specializing in new instructional media and personal learning technology. He is one of the originators of the first Massive Open Online Course, has published frequently about online and networked learning, has authored learning management and content syndication software, and is the author of the widely read e-learning newsletter OLDaily. Through a thirty year career Downes has contributed pioneering work in the fields of online learning games, learning objects and metadata, podcasting, open educational resources. Today he is developing gRSShopper, a personal learning environment, offering a course on new e-learning technologies, and supporting research and development in the use of distributed ledger technology in learning applications. He is a popular keynote speaker and has spoken in three dozen countries on six continents.


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Previous PLOS Journals Now OPEN for Published Peer Review


This is good: "Starting today, ALL PLOS journals will offer authors the option to publish their peer review history alongside their accepted manuscript! We’ve been excited to make this announcement, and make major strides towards a more open publication process, since last fall when we signed ASAPbio’s open letter committing to transparent peer review options."

Today: 56 Total: 56 Madison Crystal, The Official PLOS Blog, 2019/05/24 [Direct Link]

Changing Seasons


Summer reading and podcast listening from Bonni Stachowiak. She writes, "I took a look at episodes that aren’t recent (anything before episode 200) and saw which of these more evergreen shows were standouts in recent months.

Today: 71 Total: 71 Bonni Stachowiak, Teaching in Higher Ed, 2019/05/24 [Direct Link]

Colorise your cat pics with Serverless!


This is yet another example of how anyone can access artificial intelligence as a service. "You can deploy OpenFaaS on any machine which has Docker, or you can use the cloud. In this example we'll use DigitalOcean which has a one-click image for deploying OpenFaaS." And remember - if it doesn't work with cat pictures, it doesn't work.

Today: 165 Total: 206 Alex Ellis, 2019/05/24 [Direct Link]



From a CNIE session, we looked at a learning content authring and display tool for non-linear learning content. At first glace it appears simple, but there's a lot of depth, as contents are created as nodes that are linked to other nodes. We also looked at a newer beta version of Tapestry. It's WordPress-based and the beautiful visualization is made possible using the D3 Javascript library for data-based displays. Code is available on GitHub. Definitely worth a look, especially if you think narrative and story-telling are the only ways to make learning content human and approachable.

Today: 60 Total: 168 Steven Barnes, Aidin Niavarani, UBC, 2019/05/23 [Direct Link]

Tips to Keep Video Production Afloat: Dipping Your Toe Into the Open Water


From CNIE, this is a website accompanying a practical session on video in learning: "how video can be used to solve problems in education; challenges the audience has faced in their own use of video; time-saving strategies for video production" Be sure to explore other areas of this website (I missed them at first) in the upper-right menu, including recommended software and tips.

Today: 43 Total: 136 Laura Killam, Jason Toal, Jeff Tranchemontagne, Jon Fulton, Sidney Shapiro, 2019/05/23 [Direct Link]



From a session at the CNIE conference: CAISSIE is a site where students and users can contribute to an open resource for critical visual literacy in higher education. Images are uploaded and indexed with a critical assessment grouped under current issues - capitalism, gender roles, etc. Presentation slides are here.

Today: 23 Total: 73 2019/05/23 [Direct Link]

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