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This article is based on a formal literature review and so may be missing some useful primary sources, but any information we can get on OER in China is worth a look. "The findings show that several governmental, organizational, and institutional initiatives have been launched to facilitate OER adoption in China," including the Chinese Quality Course (CQC), the  the National Cultural Information Resources Sharing Project (NCIRSP), and the the Science Data Sharing Project (SDSP). Institutions such as the China Central Radio and Television University (CRTVU) and the Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) have actively participated in OER. There have in addition been MOOCs platforms such as Xuetang online and CNMOOC. As well, while there has been work on open educational practices (OEP) in China, the authors did not find any systematic review of them. From a special issue of Sustainability on the future of open education.

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