Against the 3A’s of EdTech: AI, Analytics, and Adaptive Technologies in Education

Maha Bali, Chronicle of Higher Education, Dec 06, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

"I agree with all of Audrey Watters‘, Chris Gilliard’sAutumm Caines’ and Benjamin Doxtdator’s critiques on these topics (also: it’s scary how my Google docs app immediately recommended their websites when I started inserting the links here)," writes Maha Bali. She adds, "there tends to be a reduction of what a teacher’s role is." Teaching "is about helping learners express themselves clearly and effectively with other human beings. What value is there in a machine giving students feedback?" She also expresses concern about inherent bias in AI and about human agency being replaced by AI-decision-making. And she's concerned that computer scientists are forging ahead without regard to ethical discussions about their technology.

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