A Few Thoughts on “Pay a Blogger Day”

Audrey Watters, Hack Education, Nov 30, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I'm pretty sympathic with what Audrey Watters says here, especially the bit about a blog being a labour of love, and the bit about hating advertisements. "It isn’t simply that ads are ugly and that they destroy the readability of the written word. I hate the way it’s reduced much of online writing to a race for the most page-views." I remember the day Google+ launched (yes, I was one of the first-day users) and it was war in there as the commercial blogs tried to round up followers. Ugly. Now there's also this bit about being paid. I don't need the money - like Watters, my pay comes from other gigs. But the respect sometimes still feels elusive. "It’s not simply a matter of financial sustainability for academic bloggers — although I suppose you could interpret it as such. Rather it’s about how academia still fails to recognize a lot of the online work that scholars and students create — such are the demands of tenure and the expectations of a well-rounded CV– and how that in turn points to a broader 'crisis in digital sustainability' — people opting to set aside their blogging for other projects."
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