A Few Thoughts on MOOC Credit (and “Life” credit)

Steven D. Krause, Phys.org, Feb 15, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I got into this discussion about badges with Billy Meinke today (see the link to the video below) and one of the comments I made is that, with the sort of MOOCs I'm thinking about, your contributions are your badges. But it raises the whole question of credentialing and assessment in general. Steve Krause considers the question and ponders the business model - after all, he says, if you take all the mechanisms for 'granting credit' combined, that's still only about 500,000 students - "that isn’t exactly the Thomas Friedman-esque transformation of higher education as we know it, is it?" And while granting credit seems to be the monetization path for a lot of people (because the presumption is always that it just must be monetized) I wonder what happens to credit based on contributions in such a scenario. Do we just forget them?

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