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Wilbert Kraan summarizes this paper, which was presented at Alt-i-Lab last summer, and has just been published by IMS. The topic of the paper is software services, that is, mechanisms for application programs to interact with each other. The authors describe a framework of consumer oriented services (that is, services described from the point of view of the consuming application), which may be software-specific (think of a Firefox plug-in, for example) and provider oriented services, which are software-neutral (think of a web page, for example - these examples are mine, and are not in the summary or the paper)). The E-Learning Framework, writes Kraan, is built very much on the same principles as those outlined in the paper. Well that's true, but so is the World Wide Web - but we didn't try to draft the entire WWW framework before trying it out, we created it iteratively, adapting as our user base and our knowledge increased.

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