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Offering a little light reading, this report (502 page PDF) "tracks, collates, distills, and visualizes data related to artificial intelligence (AI)." The authors ease you in; you can read the 'top 10 takeaways' (p. 5), chapter-by-chapter 'report highlights' (p. 14ff), or read the chapters themselves - each page is almost like an individual slide with some key points and a graph or table illustration, while some coloured 'highlight' pages (like 'Will Models Run Out of Data?', p. 52) are interspersed. It's worth the time to just flip through this document, where you'll find everything about AI considered, including, for example, "their capacity for moral reasoning, especially moral reasoning that aligns with human moral judgments, is less understood... Of all models surveyed, GPT-4 showed the greatest agreement with human moral sentiments," a statement that is remarkable on several dimensions (p. 122 ).

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