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The point of this article (13 page PDF) is "to identify AI learning design-related frameworks and synthesized them into our proposed framework, which includes the core component of AI learning content (i.e., five big ideas), anchored by the three universal design for learning (UDL) principles (the 'why,' 'what,' and 'how' of learning), and six praxes with pedagogical examples of AI instruction." As such, even if we disagree with some points in detail, it provides a useful framework from which to consider AI instruction. If you're wondering, "the Five Big Ideas of AI are: (1) "computers perceive the world using sensors", (2) "agents maintain models/representations of the world and use them for reasoning", (3) "computers can learn from data" , (4) "making agents interact comfortably with humans is a substantial challenge for AI developers," and (5) "AI applications can impact society in both positive and negative ways." These wouldn't be my five main ideas, but it's still a good starting point.

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