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As we read in the introduction, "this handbook (197 page PDF) provides information, evidence and basic conceptual models to facilitate the adoption of life-long learning (LLL) in national and local settings." According to the book, LLL applies to all ages, all levels of education, all learning modalities, all learning spheres and spaces, and supports a variety of purposes. The case for LLL can be made by pointing to technological, geographic or demographic changes, among others. It recommends proponents "place LLL firmly on national policy agendas, and identify public policy issues where the adoption of LLL has significant comparative advantages" (p. 16) and continues along that line, linking LLL to (for example) the sustainable development goals (SDG) and tracking this to recommendations for implementation. The handbook concludes with a case study of a 'learning city'.

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Stephen Downes Stephen Downes, Casselman, Canada

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