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"The scarcity of affordable, high-quality resources in specific subjects and for select populations has too often been presented as a fait accompli," write the authors. "Yet, this is a future that OER stewards reject." They recommend a four-stage 'CARE' framework promoting the idea of OER stewardship (quoted):

  1. Contribute: OER stewards actively contribute to efforts, whether financially or via in-kind contributions, to advance the awareness, improvement, and distribution of OER;
  2. Attribute: OER stewards practice conspicuous attribution, ensuring that all who create or remix OER are properly and clearly credited for their contributions;
  3. Release: OER stewards ensure OER can be released and used beyond the course and platform in which it was created or delivered; and
  4. Empower: OER stewards are inclusive and strive to meet the diverse needs of all learners, including by supporting the participation of new and non-traditional voices in OER creation and adoption.

There's more context in this IHE article.


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