Toward a Personal Learning Environment Framework

Mohamed Amine Chatti, Ongoing research on Knowledge, Learning, May 13, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Mohamed Amine Chatti's PLE article was submitted to and published by a journal that charges hundreds of dollars (boo! hiss!). But on being awarded 'best paper' by the journal the article is now available for free (download and keep a copy before the journal locks down again - you can find the link on this page (you'll have to scroll down, and there's no direct link, sorry). In the paper, you'll read that learning is personal (Tobin, 2000), learning is social (Lave & Wenger, 1991), and the LMS is neither. Then you'll read that PLEs are intended to support personalization, informal learning, openness and decentralization, pull and the bottom-up approach, and ecological learning. Chatti does a good job in describing the PLE framework (illustrated above) and some cookie-cutter class diagrams, but from what I can see his 'PLE' is essentially a reader with some social features.
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