Apple’s Next Move? It’s Obvious. But We’re Missing It.

Seyi Fabode, HackerNoon, Jul 16, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The title is unfortunate clickbait, but ignore that, as the content is worth the read. The main point is that the next big thing will be electricity management (and that Apple will be the ones to own the market). There's a case to be made for this - anything that runs on electricity can be run remotely through home (or office) wifi. More significantly, I think we're close to a revolution in battery power as we convert from lithium ion to graphene energy storage . This we read "Apple’s next move will be to design a home battery as part of a home energy management system controlled through the hub that is the Homepod or the iPhone." That's what the Apple patent for solid state power management relates to. But Apple won't own this market.

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