Apple’s Strongest Case to Reclaim the Education Market Is Not the New iPad

Jin-Soo Huh, EdSurge, Mar 29, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Apple chose to launch its new education-specific iPad at an exclusive private school, Lane Tech College Prep in Chicago. That should tell you all you need to know about its approach to education. The pitch is that students can be more creative with a iPad than with (say) a Chromebook. At three times the price (plus a $90 pen) I'm not surprised. The iPad also comes with Schoolwork, Apple's answer to Google Classroom. It "allows a teacher to send out documents and open specific apps on their students’ iPad (and) gives them visibility into what each student is working on to make sure they are on task or to provide support." Developers were pointed to ClassKit, a set of APIs that connect with Schoolwork. More coverage: The Verge, ComputerWorld, TechRadar, MacWorld, VentureBeat, Apple Insider, CNet, Mashable, Gizmodo.

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