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Mike Caulfield, Weblog, May 27, 2008

Well - I was into cyberpunk in the 1980s, eagerly devouring Gibson, Sterling, and the rest, so I guess I can get behind edupunk in the 2000s. The term was coined by Jim Groom in a recent post and captures the imagination. "'Edupunk' gets us there - with its implication of technical accessibility, a DIY ethic, quick and dirty over grand design, and a suspicion of corporate appropriation it hits a lot of the right notes."

So what, exactly, is edupunk? It's hard to explain exactly, but (Groom notes) Keira McPhee's front lawn (a melange of garden and jungle) is edupunk. "She has converted her front lawn from a useless showpiece that consumes unknown quantities of wasted energy and resources, into a lush, fecund organic garden that burgeons with the fruits of her labor. She is an activist, teacher and mentor all at once." Well, the organic front garden is a bit hackneyed (every neighbourhood has one; there's one next door to us here in Moncton) but the idea is worth exploring.

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