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There is a fascinating report about SCORM in today's CETIS. Though very short, it contains some items - tinderboxes, actually - that should give developers serious pause for thought. For example, though version 1.3 of SCORM is in draft and version 1.4 is coming down the pipe, SCORM 2.0, expected in 2004, will be "a complete rewrite of SCORM, and focus on task simulations and be highly adaptive. It will therefore have a new content model and new performance support." This means that all your nice new SCORM 1.x compliant applications and resources (on which you may have spent millions of dollars) will be obsolete some time in 2004. Pausing yet? But there's more. According to one of SCORM's main architects, Dan Rehak, "SCORM is essentially about a single-learner, self-paced and self-directed. It has a limited pedagogical model unsuited for some environments... SCORM has nothing in it about collaboration. This makes it inappropriate for use in HE (Higher Education) and K-12". Well. All this work, and it turns out that it will be useless for most of us too. But it makes me look like a prophet, I think, as I have been saying for some time now (despite considerable opposition) that the world will not standardize on SCORM. Convinced yet?

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