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These resources relate to the E-Learning Framework as supported by Britrain's JISC. Navigation to the resources themselves is just awful; the link you are given opens this page, where you need to notice links to the projects have opened in the left margin; click on a project such as APIS and then back to the left hand margin where (look carefully now) a link to the project resources page has opened. You're still not there. You need to click on the link titled APIS project web site (buried in the main panel) which will take you to a page with the link. Click on the link to get to the project page, then from there click on the deliverables link, from which you click the code link which is (finally) the resource first mentioned eight pages ago, hosted on SourceForge. Do the same for the remaining seven projects - but be prepared for more hurdles. At the D+ site, for example, you will be advised to "please get in touch" if you want to test the resource, while the PSE site simply doesn't exist. Awful.

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