Interoperability in action - a Video Presentation

Various authors, Eccos Revista Científica, Oct 28, 2004
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I can't view this because I don't have a Qucktime player for my Linux and my Windows machine is dead, dead, dead, but it has been getting good reviews from people who know, so I feel confident passing it along. This video from JISC "has been produced to demonstrate the important role of interoperability and standards when creating and sharing learning materials. Using tools developed as part of the X4L Programme, the demonstration involves the transportation of content via the RELOAD content packaging tool, the creation of learning objects in a digital repository and how these can be reused to enhance a teacher's learning material, through to delivering the finished object to the institutional VLE." If someone could let me know when an interoperable version of the video is available, I would be appreciative.
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