WebCT and Online Assessment: The Best Thing Since SOAP?

Judy Le Heron, Educational Technology & Society, Sept 17, 2004
Commentary by Stephen Downes

By SOAP the authors mean not web services but Student Online Assessment Program. This essay looks at what may be the best thing since then, the WebCT quiz application. Nice discussion of the evolution of SOAP and a nice chart near the middle of the essay comparing SOAP with the WebCT feature. It's hard to adapt to a new system, but even after getting used to WebCT the authors found themselves facing limitations felt by many WebCT users: "When you are creating questions the first limitation you become aware of is that course assessment must be adapted to fit the WebCT question templates and there is no opportunity to create new question types or test formats to suit the unique requirements of a course." Even so, they continue to use WebCT - perhaps there is a lesson in that. Via Teaching and Developing Online.
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