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I think what boths me most about both proponents and critics of AI in education is that none of them can imagine any other model than an instructor teaching a student. It's like both proponents and critics are frozen by this image of a computer screen - an oblong box - as though no other form of interaction could ever exist. It's Taylorism, not technology. I mean, here's Ben Williamson: "despite the rhetoric of transformation, all these AI tutors really seem to promise is a one-to-one transactional model of learning where the student interacts with a device. It's an approach that might work OK in the staged setting of a promo video recording studio, but is likely to run up hard with the reality of busy classrooms." Well, yeah, if a "busy classroom" is your ideal of learning, AI tutors might fall short. But that's like saying airplanes won't fit through railway tunnels.

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