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The actual news here (because we've covered similar work in the past) is that the researchers probed "the supramarginal gyrus, a region of the brain never before tested with brain–computer interface (BCI) technology." The accuracy of the six-word test wasn't great - in one patient, barely above what would be accomplished by chance (23%, as compared to the one-in-six (15.5%) a 50-50 coin flip would produce). This part of the brain, also known as Brodmann area 40, and (per Wikipedia) "interprets tactile sensory data." Here's the full study by Sarah K. Wandelt and colleagues. Implications: first, that computers could (potentially) read thoughts; and second, what they 'read' is the words as they are 'spoken' in one's inner voice (which, I would suspect, more or less clearly articulated in different people).

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