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There's a long discussion of whether 'digital nomad' is the right term, or maybe 'migrant', or even 'hostage'. The authors also "consider digital identity formation as a complex set of practices whereby users of social media platforms form an outward presentation of themselves." There is also a "feeling of digital nostos, a longing to return to a digital place where we felt at home." Carving out a space for academics on social media platforms is difficult. "We asked – and we still ponder – whether these social media spaces could be something that academics could re-territorialize, differently." Finally, "As some of the established social media like the social network formerly known as Twitter 'go down' and others like Mastodon or Bluesky 'rise' we must finally realize that these or indeed any social media platforms will always continue to ebb and flow – they are out of our control." This, of course, has always been true. Image: Gondy Leroy.

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