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This item is related to the post about AI fluency also in today's issue. It looks at the question of raising AI literacy among educators, based on the good reason that "they [educators] go on to impact students year after year, and teachers are one of the key influencers of students' study and career choices." But coming to some sort of definition of AI literacy is harder, and it might not be a good idea to standardize on a single principle too soon. A case in point: we read here that "STEM skills are critical as building blocks for AI literacy" and this is then used as an argument to advance STEM training. But, really? Today's AIs, at least, are language-based systems, and strong communications skills alongwith ethical reasoning and critical thinking seem to me to be rather more important than STEM in developing AI literacy (compare with the proposal that understanding fluid mechanics and combustion physics are the 'building blocks' for learning how to drive).

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