Beyond Engagement: Making School Personal

Mike Crowley, The Synapse, Mar 14, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

It's interesting that this would come out right after the other post. Mike Crowley's short commentary suggests to me that the idea of personal learning is taking hold in the wider community (and happily that people are getting away from talking simply about personalized learning). "For Kohn the imperative is personal learning, “that entails working with each child to create projects of intellectual discovery that reflect his or her unique needs and interests." Oh, but there's still confusion in this article. We have Kohn saying "it requires the presence of a caring teacher who knows each child well," which is by no means proven. And we have the suggestion that we produce "a business school brain with a social worker’s heart," which sounds more like school as propaganda than school as personal empowerment. So there's still a way to go in developing the idea. But it's a start.

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