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Gobal Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) indicator 4.1.1a measures the proportion of kids in grades 2 and 3 "achieving at least a minimum proficiency level in (i) reading and (ii) mathematics, by sex." As reported here, data for this indicator has not been forthcoming and it faces deletion "because of a technical debate about measurement and a turf war between testing agencies." This UNESCO article "attempts to sketch the outline of a sustainable solution." It's an important indicator, because it measures where children "pass from the 'learning to read' to the 'reading to learn' stage". But it involves a series of tests, some of which only measure foundational skills (like phonological awareness) and not the overall objective (reading comprehension). This article recommends "a reporting scheme that relies on disaggregating or 'unpacking' the reporting of the minimum proficiency level by skill or subskill and to allow partial reporting if the assessment is not measuring the minimum proficiency level."

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