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Alex Usher has a couple of interesting posts about student aid in Canada. Never one to shy away from a straw man, Usher devotes the first post to attacking unnamed critics arguing "student debt is skyrocketing". It's pretty hard to find anyone saying this, and where we see the assertion being made, as here by the CFS, it's about total debt, which continues to rise unabated. Usher avoids this discussion entirely. But more interesting is the present post, in which he projects significant student debt increases. The reasoning - and in this case, it's sound - is that allowable limits on student debt are being raised 42% this year. "The weekly limit just jumped from $350/week to $500/week." I think we both agree that increases in debt like this are unsustainable. But our solutions are, I think, quite different. (P.S. the story of fees in the U.S., illustrated, is completely different, and where most of the 'skyrocketing' talk is actually coming from. It is also unsustainable, only even more so). Image: Annie Surla / Nvidia Blog.


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