Content-type: text/html ~ Stephen's Web ~ Is Artificial Intelligence in Education an Object or a Subject? Evidence from a Story Completion Exercise on Learner-AI Interactions

Stephen Downes

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On the surface this preprint article (35 page PDF) is "a thematic analysis of 92 participant responses to a story completion exercise which asked them to describe a classroom agreement between an AI
instructor and a learner twenty years into the future." It's made more interesting through the adoption of a theoretical framework based on "the mutual interrelatedness of all living beings and nonliving elements, impacting each other synergistically, within a dynamic network of nested living systems" as found in Indigenous knowledge. It reflects a desire on the part of the researchers to "adopt a non-Western, relational worldview to understand relationships between human learners and AI, one which emphasizes the need for centring complexity and avoiding simplicity in the context of teaching and learning." Four sets of themes emerge from the research: elements of education, AI affordances, boundaries, and social convention.

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