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Some reading from Doug Belshaw this morning led me through a nice day of reflecting on technology, work and freedom. This item, from Ethan Marcotte, led me to the next item (from Alan Jacobs). Marcotte channels Jabobs into a reflection on the life of the technologist. "Our tools keep getting updated, processes become more complex, and the simple act of just doing work seems to get redefined overnight." He says, "Maybe it's time we step out of that negotiation cycle, and start deciding what we want our work to look like." Fair enough. Belshaw in turn follow this thought and finds a Mozilla guide for navigating ethical issues in the tech industry, an all-too-brief synopsis that runs from the (correct) observation that "all companies care about is maximizing profits" to a history of tech worker organizing. Which leads me back to the Cronin and Czerniewicz paper from yesterday. Image: CBC.

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