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Amid the 'polycrisis' of income inequality, environmental degradation and disinformation, write Catherine Cronin and Laura Czerniewicz, the promise of an open internet benefiting all appears to have failed. "Open movements and open education are constrained by closed, opaque infrastructures, and platform infrastructures and models limit the possibilities of open education practices." There's the increasing encroachment of private enterprise on public education, and of course the rise of artificial intelligence sweeping through entire sectors. Their response, based on their "manifesto for higher education for good", is that "that naming and analysing these issues is essential in moving toward better futures." After this, "actively challenging and resisting that which is untrue and/or unjust is essential in any movement for social change." This leads to "making legitimate and explicit claims to better futures is necessary, both to fuel resistance to dominant narratives and to inspire the production of new visions." This, they argue, "requires all parts of the open education movement to work together: in communities, diverse partnerships, and coalitions... a global alliance of open education networks." Also on video.

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