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Today's new word is 'securonomics', and though it is brand new, it is already being transformed in meaning and intent. Here's my favourite version: "recognising that the security and prosperity of working people is integral to the strength, dynamism and legitimacy of a market economy". See also Rachel Reeves, or IPPR. But it can be recast, as it is here, as meaning "a refocusing on the nation state as a unit of analysis." Quite a difference! But the point of both is to "think of the higher education system as infrastructure" in the sense that it's "just there". But 'just there' for whom? If we get back to the idea of security for working people, then university should be 'just there' for working people. But more and more, the opposite is the case, and recasting 'securonomics' as 'security for the university' isn't really helping. But oh... clever.

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