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By 'eclecticism" the authors mean 'diverse' and by 'entangled' they mean 'connected', as in "the complex and interconnected ecological relationship between humans, technology, and the environment." There's obviously a lot of overlap with connectivism (not mentioned in the article) but the authors come from a much more traditional perspective, arguing for a "carefully selected and curated... heterogeneous mix of theories and models." The result (23 page PDF) is a proposal that described three interconnected ('entangled') dimensions of learning experience design: the technological, pedagogical and socio-cultural. There's a lot to like here, but we still have a picture of instructors and designers delivering learning ("we maintain that these dimensions are interdependent, synergistic, and must be considered as a complex, interconnected ecology when crafting learning experiences that guide learners to achieve their learning goals") never seeing that it might be the learners that are diverse and interconnected.

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