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Today's new term is 'phenomenography', which is "a qualitative research methodology that investigates the qualitatively different ways in which people experience something or think about something." The term, here defined via Wikipedia, appears in the context of asking an AI to provide the overall structure of a dissertation chapter on the subject. Lance Eaton says here, "even if (AI) is wrong on some things, it is going to be more right than I ever will be." That makes it a terrific guide even if it means I have to check some things for myself. To me, the main issue is time. Sure, I could learn something or do something on my own - write a Javascript API function, for example. And I can tell whether it has been done correctly after the fact. But the time taken to get from here to there is a lot shorter with the AI. And that for me (and, it appears, Lance Eaton) makes a pretty good case for using AI when it saves time.

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