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This paper (19 page PDF) reports, "Our results highlighted that the use of metaphor can stimulate engagement and facilitate the educational mediation, as long as the metaphor is shared and perceived as coherent by users." There's an interesting sidebar in this one in which the authors suggest that "the absence of studies on metaphorical educational videos and the rarity of reflections between educational videos and metaphors is due to a possible interpretation of the cognitive load that underlies the Cognitive Multimedia Learning Theory (CMLT)." In particular, "one might think that the use of metaphors is an unnecessary and harmful burden on extrinsic cognitive load." The authors argue that it isn't, though I might suggests that it is, but it doesn't matter than it is, because metaphors make broader understanding more accessible. Related: Martin Weller, Dangers of tech metaphors in nature. It reminds us that "as stated by Lakoff and Johnson... every metaphor tends to illuminate certain aspects while obscuring others."

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