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As this website reports, "Open Future will host an asynchronous, virtual alignment assembly for the open movement to explore principles and considerations for regulating generative AI." I find the approach fascinating. " We will use the process of an alignment assembly, an experiment in collective deliberation and decision-making. This model is pioneered by the Collective Intelligence Project (CIP)." Here's the CIP White Paper on the process. I agree with the assertion that traditional democratic processes are unable to obtain genuine public sentiment on complex issues, but I worry that circumventing a truly democratic process simply grants excess voice and influence to commercial interests (eg. as suggested by "mixed public goods funding models"). I've signed up and will participate if I can. There needs to be some alignment between an open commons and open AI; simply drafting top-down principles at an in-person 'summit' (as Creative Commons has done) is too high-handed and undemocratic a process to rely upon, even if the rest of us (maybe) get a 'vote' on them some day. Via Paul Stacey. Related: Irving Wladawsky-Berger, Open Source AI: Opportunities and Challenges.

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