Aligning the Quantum Perspective of Learning to Instructional Design: Exploring the Seven Definitive Questions

Katherine Joyce Janzen, Beth Perry, Margaret Edwards, IRRODL, Nov 28, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This paper explores a "quantum perspective of learning" which "uses the principles of exchange theory or borrowed theory from the field of quantum holism pioneered by quantum physicist David Bohm." It's one of three I summarize today from the recent (and excellent) issue of IRRODL on Emergent Learning. It frames this perspective in terms of seven definitive questions about learning: how does learning occur, what factors influence learning, what is the role of memory, how does transfer of knowledge occur, what types of learning are best explained, what is the relevance of instructional design, and how should instruction be structured tro facilitate learning? "Courses can be designed that encourage the discovery of the multiple connections that already exist. In terms of learning design, courses can be developed that have less prescription in terms of “assigned” readings. Instead learners can be provided with topics and themes and encouraged to seek out information sources and resources to inform themselves."
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