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Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 4 is widely known as the 'education' goal. This document (103 page PDF) reports on progress toward that goal, as defined by assessments against a defining set of key performance indicators (KPI) (see the illustration). It's important to note that the report focuses mostly on progress toward these goals, and so reports little progress by countries (like Canada) that have already mostly reached those goals. As for the rest: " progress towards national targets is off track for most indicators. In two cases – the gender gap at the expense of boys in upper secondary education completion and public education expenditure as share of total public expenditure – countries are even moving backwards." However, "progress is faster in the eighth benchmark indicator, school internet connectivity" and "progress is also relatively fast in the percentage of teachers with minimum required qualifications." Via World Education Blog. See also Learning levels unknown for half a billion children.

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