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This article is far too short. That's what I said to myself as I reach what felt to me to be a premature conclusion. For one thing, I wondered about other sensor equivalents of inner speech: for example, inner audio (especially for musicians), inner visualization, even inner smells. But also - and critically more important - is inner speech the same as 'thinking'? I remember when learning French the advice to "think in French". I was used to rehearsing French phrasing in my inner voice, but wsn't really able to 'think' in French. Or so I thought, until my instructor explained that what I was doing was what he meant by 'think in French'. But is there a deeper, non-linguistic (non-sensory) type of thought? I'm qute certain there is - otherwise, how could we 'control' inner thought? But this deeper layer of thought must be sub-symbolic, and perhaps, sub-conscious.

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