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I was active in Scouting throughout my childhood, from as early age as a Cub to eventually being a counsellor at Scout Camp. My experience is consistent with what was described in this paper, "an inspirational source for educational change, highlighting increased participation, personalization, and active learning." It helped me develop leadership capabilities and self-reliance and fostered an enduring love of the outdoors. Here (21 page PDF) we read "the Portuguese Scout movement could maybe be described by Alves and Cabral as having some fundamental "morphological, syntactic and semantic dimensions that enable[d] the functioning of a renewed grammar of schooling"... The essential elements of this new grammar have to do with a professional and organisational autonomy that goes beyond fiction; a more autonomous, collaborative, interactive, deliberative, committed, and responsible teaching practice." Image: iconic photo from Brno, Czech, of Lucie "Lála" Myslíková, a Scout who felt "obligated to protest fascist ideologies and opinions."

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