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Adam Zivner, GitHub, Jan 04, 2024

I've set up a new Cloudron environment I will be using at least for the next little while (or longer, depending on how it goes). One of the applications available inside Cloudron is an open source note-taking application called Trilium. I can share my Trilium notes publicly: here's an example with the Trilium demo content served from my website. It's similar to Google Keep, Evernote or Obsidian but feels a lot easier to use and, of course, I don't need to worry about a company discontinuing it or suddently making it a lot more expensive. You can set up an instance of Trilium without using Cloudron; installation and use is described in this excellent video by JamesTurland at Jim's Garage. Here's the GitHub (it doesn't otherwise appear to have a home page). There's also a web clipper extension to save web pages directly to Trilium from your browser. Want more? Trilium extensions.

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