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This analysis "is based on 22 million job ads across five countries in 2012, 2017, and 2022." The results suggests that job requirements are shifting from degrees to skills, albeit slowly, and not evenly across the five countries. The trend is most evident in the U.S. and also present in the U.K. and Australia, while not present in either Canada or Singapore. The subtle use of green and red suggests which direction the authors perceive as favourable; I wonder what the result would be in a wider list of countries. "For some occupations, the need for degrees is decreasing across all five countries: in community and social services (for example, counsellors and case workers), in health care (for example, support roles, such as lab technicians, hospital staff, and medical practice managers), and in hospitality, food, and tourism (for example, event planners and entertainment managers)." Via Jonathan Boymal.

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