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Another day, another AI policy and ethics guideline and policy document. This one (17 page PDF) was "jointly developed by the OECD Secretariat and Education International (EI)." It describes the arrival of AI as an "irruption", the first time I think I've seen that term used in any context (it is a real word; I checked). The principles are:

  • Equitable access to affordable, high quality connectivity
  • Equitable access to and equitable use of digital learning resources
  • Teacher agency and professional learning
  • Student and teacher wellbeing
  • Co-creation of AI-enabled digital learning tools
  • Research and co-creation of evidence through disciplined innovation
  • Ethics, safety and data protection
  • Transparency, explainability and negotiation
  • Human support and human alternatives

These are on the one hand in line with many other proposals and on the other super-generic (not a word; I checked) - you could substitute LMS or OER or eBook for AI in this document and it would mostly read just fine.

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