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Obviously I can't list every paper and blog post talking about application s of AI in education (not to mention the numerous posts expressing fear, uncertainty and doubt) so I'm basically listing one of each. Hence, this paper stands in for the broad category of 'using AI for academic advising'. This particular paper develops the concept, and then reports on how chatGPT responded to a number of typical questions an academic adviser might face. They then offer Standard Caveat Number One: "We argue that AI-powered tools, such as ChatGPT, may complement but not necessarily replace human academic advisers." Which, to be frank, is a load of hooey every time it is uttered - the minute the AI advisors do a better job than humans (and they will, oh, they will) they will instantly replace the humans. Such has been the case through the history of technology, and such will be the case with AI. Image: InSpace.

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