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Some good stuff here, including this cautionary tale about surveying student preferences: "Results show that while most students preferred in-person instruction (74%), only 47% of those who indicated they preferred in-person instruction attended class only in-person." Moreover, "a preference for in-person instruction diminished as the course proceeded from 74% to 54%. In practice and for various reasons, most students (56%) attend class utilizing a variety of learning modalities." So what happens when you do give students a choice between various options? Unsurprisingly, not much. "Regardless of the dominant instructional modality students chose, a large majority of students successfully completed this course. The average group achievement for students in this study and the distribution of letter grades was fairly similar." And overall, students appreciate having the choice. The study involved 3564 students over three years, which is larger than most, but results should be generalized only with caution.

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